AngryNerdBird 2022-01-24 07:47:29
POTG2 01 Sleep
How exciting! I dig this new format. :V
Angrynerdbird 2021-12-07 04:39:23
wall press 24h
@tech major She literally is? Her systems seem to be built to make her go through with it whether or not she's willing to.
AngryNerdBird 2021-05-21 08:02:07
Path of the Genie 58
Reminder: The protag never specifically wished for a sex partner to be brought to the house, let alone one that's actually himself from the future, so this is 100% on the genie.
AngryNerdBird 2020-03-29 01:30:22
Path of the Genie 06
Hahaha what the hell? xD
AngryNerdBird 2020-03-29 01:08:25
Teacher Body Swap Page 12
Classic stuff. I love it.