Clare 2018-03-04 20:53:11
Lighter Chains V4 30
This awesome story is by far the best series like this I've ever enjoyed. The artistry is incredible and the story's premise and timeline are so enticingly erogenous. The personalities of the antagonist and protagonist are very well done. They carry the story. What is your imagery medium please? You have produced some masterful work that is such a wonderful stage for the tale.
Thank you.
Clare 2017-12-09 14:00:48
Lighter Chains V4 07
I do JavaScript and I know the effort it takes to make something like this simply work in development let alone function across platforms. The random pacing is brilliant, the results: outstanding. Bravo!
Clare 2017-07-19 01:08:55
Lighter Chains V4 16
Their heart-warming expressions are exquisitely rendered. You've captured their emotions in a frozen frame of satiated bliss. Beautiful work. What is ultimately in store for oiur Allison? I cannot wait!
Thank for such a sensuously scrumptious, wonderfully captivating and intriguing story line.
Clare 2017-06-05 15:59:52
Lighter Chains V4 14
This is an amazingly erotic tale. Thank you for such wonderful art work.
Clare 2016-02-17 19:09:04
page force slave 04
Getting the HANG of IT. Nice. Very nice. I love it.