Inside Alison 2019-01-26 17:12:00
Lighter Chains V5 25
"My ass"* and "insane with lust"* (damn you autocorrect)
Inside Alison 2019-01-26 17:07:15
Lighter Chains V5 26
Frame 1: "Torin reached over, parted my lips, and pressed his fingers into my clit. I released a loud scream--my body completely paralyzed as he rubbed my womanhood. Shots of plesaure pulsated though my whole body."
Frame 2: "He rolled me on top of him, pressing his cock further into my G spot. I had never felt so helpless and so completely satisfied at the same time! The stimulation was otherworldly"
Frame 3: "Before I knew it, I was cumming harder than I had ever came before"
Inside Alison 2019-01-26 15:00:40
Lighter Chains V5 25
"With a gentle guiding hand, Torin pressed even deeper inside of me. I took a deep breath, adjusting to the maddening penetration. When I relinquished control, he eagerly took over. My address bounced against his hips, and I could feel the tip of his cock on my G spot, driving me more and more insane with list. Right when I thought that I couldn't handle it anymore, he took it a step further"
Inside Alison 2019-01-26 14:52:00
Lighter Chains V5 24
Frame 2: "the sensation of his cock inside me was unlike anything I had experienced thus far with mistress. Her toys were lifeless imitations of what was real. Not only was Torin's throbbing manhood larger, but the warmth if his flesh melded with mine in an extraordinaryway. My mind was screaming for a way out, but my body was entranced in ecstasy--and there was no way it would not get what it desired. Involuntarily, My hips began to rock back against him."
Frame 3: "My male consciousness was a helpless prisoner, trapped in a conflicted steady rhythm. This phantom source of ecstasy behind me was so mysterious and strange--and I had to explore more."