Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-08-11 23:45:36
Naruto Kaguya Otsutsuki Fusion
Q&A @The Admin:

What about your take on a gen-swapped Johnny "Jenny" Test?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-07-25 21:32:01
Tattoo Page 03
I love how quickly she goes from defiant to compliant in these four frames!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-07-23 04:00:08
Comic Test Swallow
That facial expression in the final frame looks to me like their trance just broke (and hard), leaving them to realize that they just sucked a cock and swallowed its load -- and enjoyed it
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-06-27 20:13:33
dark 20
I like how in the first frame Allison's half-lidded eyes have the look of welling up with tears and then how wide open they become when the cock she's sucking explodes a gushing geyser of cum in her mouth which she valiantly tries to keep inside but ultimately can't contain all of it!!

I hope that we'll get to see a color version of this scene, or scene fragment, in the upcoming LC issue
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-05-26 21:52:18
Idea Wetware Install
Full disclosure:

That fraternization is nonconsentual, at first -- but our bodyswapped protagonist eventually learns to enjoy the experience AND to crave it, right?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-05-22 03:36:47
Idea Mistress Melody
My favorite thing about this panel is the contrast between the twins: the modesty of the one on the left vs. the IDGAF body language of her sister on the right -- I can tell she's gonna be a problem for Melody, but that'll just make her breaking all the more enjoyable to witness (perhaps she might need an assist from her mistress' in order to break her completely)!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-03-15 02:12:59
VR 20 Cuddle
Ooooo, what I love most about this panel is that their commingled cum is still oozing out of our protagonist's newly-deflowered once-virginal pussy and the pool of it that's splattered across her thigh and the mess it's making of the sheets as her tormenter turns her over to fuck her doggy-style!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-03-03 23:17:23
Office 16
@The Admin:

Give us more of Matilda Smith!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-02-19 00:06:51
tall 08
Something tells me that Allison doesn't really want him to stop teasing her and mussing-up her hair (based upon her conscious or unconscious body language cues and especially her full-on eye-contact)!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-01-27 22:07:51
Shirt Cut Meme Alison
One for each day of the week -- with the seventh one being Allison naked, like in the sixth panel, but with her hands not holding her boobs, freeing them to be in full view in all their voluptuous glory and doing an exaggeratedly boisterous t'dah pose with either pasties or tit clamps over nipples, Disney princess-style tiara on her head and her hair done-up with extra-girly Lolita-esque pig tails on either side of her head, blowing a big bubble gum bubble with her eyes crossed like the bimbo airhead she's become!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-01-17 23:23:19
Lighter Chains V5 24
...looks like Allison's intensive daily sybian exercises have paid dividends making her expert at working a cock with her now well-conditioned to always be dick-hungry vadge!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-01-14 01:32:44
Chosen 01

"Dark Altar"/"The Depths" -- not "The Descent"
Your Quiet Neighbor 2022-01-14 01:30:57
Chosen 01
So, can we interpret this panel as a back story scene for the character from The Descent comic explaining how she got into that predicament?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-12-23 01:59:59
sketch be careful with that
What I find most appealing about this sketch is the expression on Allison's face: a mix of pure dread on the one hand and awestruck anticipation on the other -- in utter disbelief at how enormous the cock is of the hypermasculine demon who's about to deflower her and destroy her little pussy!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-11-16 05:12:26
Next Poll
A dark-horse character not listed here that I've been hoping to see more content from is the secretary girl from "Entry Level Position"

Q&A for the admin:

What's the likelihood that we'll ever see more issues on her, or will that project remain a one-off story never to be developed further?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-11-16 05:04:43
Next Poll
As much as I crave more Allison-/Lighter Chains-themed content, I've been dying of curiosity about some of these other characters of which their content has either been only viewable for Patreon subscribers or has only been developed so far but ultimately mothballed while the admin worked on other SM projects.

If #4 is the issue for gender-swapped Link like I'm suspecting, then I think that's gonna be my top pick, 'cuz I've loved what I've seen of the sketches and the handful of one-off panels ftg. Linkette!

A three-way tie for a very close second would be Wetware, Domestic Demon, and the long-awaited follow-up to the Dark Altar story

Next pick for me would be #1, Star's Human Adventure (Am I warm in guessing that she's the ectoplasmic ghost girl?)

Mistress Melody and Taming Ishkath are tied for the next entry

As for the remaining options, as hungry for more Allison and ...Genie content as I am, I can exercise delayed gratification and wait them out while these other characters' stories get the attention that they deserve
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-11-12 03:46:21
Lighter Chains V5 27B
Three things I love about this looping animation from Lighter Chains #4 (I think):

that we can see Torrin's enormous cock pulsing inside Allison's pussy as a volcanic eruption of demon his cum explodes inside her, filling her up 'til she can't contain it all in -- the remainder seeping out from between her labia!!

the way Allison's voluptuous tits rise and fall on her chest with every gasped inhale and exhale of breath!!

how it looks like his hands at her hips are holding her securely in place -- all the better for her to be able to receive the maximum amount of his seed that she can!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-10-26 02:27:03
sketch office shirt smile
In this one, I like to imagine Allison being the new girl in the secretarial pool who's quickly becoming the most-popular one, and she doesn't mind one bit at all the attention her voluptuous figure draws from her male bosses -- even relishes it!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-10-26 01:44:57
Slave Girl Surrender 01
I know that that technically isn't Torrin that Allison is presently coitally entangled with in this sketch, but I like imagining that this anonymous demon is his, especially with the way that she has her legs crossed so lustfully around his backside (looks like they came simultaneously!!!)!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-10-18 23:04:26
Ooooo, this girl is about to experience the punishing sensation of an enormously long and girthy demon dick relentlessly power-slamming her holes at-will whether or not she enjoys experiencing the ordeal that is her lot to endure!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-09-22 12:13:15
wetware mirror 01
Check out the Morale Officer giving herself the once-over in the mirror and admiring how voluptuous her chesticles are!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-09-22 11:52:56
Orc Prince 21
Is this a Lady Link panel?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-08-30 21:51:10
Path of the Genie 56
The expression on her face, combined with her body language, indicates to me that she's not in a hurry to return to her male form -- looks to me like she's taking the shower not merely to wash the spunk off her body but that she's erogynously (sp?) enjoying the sensation of the water on her feminized skin
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-08-16 21:59:40
Path of the Genie 54
Such a good girl to take a sloppy surprise cumload all over her face while getting motorboated!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-07-19 00:19:02
Path of the Genie 48
She's really enjoying getting boned so ferociously and thoroughly!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-07-06 00:04:04
LCV2 24 A2
Ah, Allison's mistress giving her a lesson on how to be a good little cocksleeve!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-07-05 23:35:42
sketch bj
It'd have been a nice touch if Allison had been wearing the same bra & panty set ftd. in that one stand-alone animated panel where we see her face go thru several expressions as she checks out how she looks in them (the bra had a price tag still attached to it, and I think the panties had a heart-shaped front panel)!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-07-05 20:23:02
"... and show me that you mean it -- I'm not sure that I believe you, yet!"
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-07-05 19:13:26
old_so1 1
It's like she's saying "Wait, you have a dick?!"!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-07-05 18:23:53
Purple 01b
Will we be getting anymore from Purple girl?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-07-05 17:48:57
LCV6 03C
My favorite parts of this Allison sketch are the subtle touches: the glimpse of the scalloped edge of the hem of her panties made visible by the action of the skirt of her dress flipping up; how the link on her neck chain is angled up slightly; how much her ample breasts heave upwards -- all of which combine to indicate how high she jumps in shocked response to being spanked so suddenly and with such strength!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-06-28 18:36:07
page thick 15b
...astonished at how busty she is?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-06-28 18:30:51
Comic Days End 00
... and 10 pages of blow jobs is a bad thing, why?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-06-25 00:11:32
Path of the Genie 46
She acts terrified at what he's about to do to her, but her body language emphatically says otherwise -- she's gonna love that dick and how hard he's gonna fuck her with it and how completely he's going to own that pussy of hers!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-05-25 23:25:38
page thick dp02
What I love about this panel is how powerless she looks in the bottom frame after he lets go of her wrists he was clutching, vice grip-tight, and she free-falls towards the bed (or floor?)!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-05-17 19:04:02
page force slave 11
It's like seeing Allison drawing back on Torrin's cock just after she'd aggressively deepthroated it before she takes it to-the-hilt again!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-05-17 18:30:18
Path of the Genie 41
...lovin' the x-ray cutaway effect on this one -- especially seeing the cock go so far down our protagonist's throat and the path the cum erupting from it takes to her stomach!!

The only thing that could make this panel any better is if it were animated 'cuz it'd be kool to see her eyes go from tightly squinted to wide open
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-05-10 21:17:42
It's like Allison is caught in a sexual catch-22 here: so annoyed at being objectified for how amply proportioned her busty chest is, she folds her arms to express her disgust -- an act which only draws more attention to those supersized mammaries of hers that she can't do anything to hide from view, annoying her even more!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-05-03 17:26:51
Path of the Genie 39
That's it -- take it balls-deep like a good little should!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-03-26 23:07:08
Nun Request
I know she isn't explicitly tagged in this, but I like imagining this unidentified slave in the nun costume as being LC's Allison who's riding her mistress' cock/strap-on. Their face looks like hers, anyhow. This could be an independent side-story for Allison that deviates from the canon direction of LC's current timeline where as part of the project of breaking her after her forced gen-swap, her mistress sent her to a convent where she was to receive intensive training and intimate guidance on how to conduct herself properly in her newfound role
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-03-22 22:46:30
Path of the Genie 33
This protagonist's predicament gets better and better (er, worse and worse, I mean) -- the changes that they're going thrru are happening too quickly for them to swallow the gravity of it all, but it looks like they'll soon have to learn how to swallow what's coming their way very soon!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-03-15 22:26:52
Path of the Genie 32
Can she even see her legs past her massive boobs?!?!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-02-02 00:08:34
Path of the Genie 26
Ooooo, he's (I mean she's) gonna try to escape, but methinks the client on the other side of the door will capture her and overwhelm her with his far superior strength and quickly subdue her and have his way with her in every which way imaginable!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-23 12:55:02
Forceplay Comic 08
How cute, she "supposes" she can let him -- like she has any power to influence, let alone dictate, the terms of this encounter!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-18 12:47:32
Fairy Girl And Spider
Ooooo, I love this twist for Linkette!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-17 00:16:15
character lineup 01
So, who's the fourth girl?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-16 23:45:47
assertive 14
What a wanton seductress Allison has become -- when she wants the D, she isn't shy about making it known but might be subtle when communicating her desires!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-16 23:32:44
Sleep TF Flat Color
Is there a gif version of this animation?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-16 22:24:33
I love how effervescently giddy this one looks in this sketch -- like she's eagerly expectant for the appearance of her paramour and can't wait for the passionate sex they'll be having together!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-16 13:25:40
Forceplay Comic 07
Ooooo, I love the dbl-entendre with respect to the "...from behind I take it" line!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-16 01:43:21
Alison Jessica Rabbit
This is like a perfectly-executed mashup of Jessica and Allison -- she has Jessica's figure but with Allison's proportions and Allison's face but with Jessica's eyes (the way they're drawn for the movie, that is)!!!

You (the artist) have really outdone yourself on this project -- BRAVO!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-12 23:32:48
Dark Altar 17
That's an enormous amount of cum he shot into her pussy -- so much so that she couldn't contain it all inside herself, and what her uterus couldn't keep inside oozed right back out commingling with the cum that was still ejaculating out of his cock as he pulled out of her, splattering all over her labia lips, taint and abdomen and spilling down to her chest!!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-12 01:06:50
Because of this one's chronic bad behavior, she has to earn back her arms by working hard to please and satisfy her mistress' every sexual whim without them!!

Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-12 00:55:59
Fitness Body Swap Comic 18
Even though it's a still image, I love how the subtle motion-blur lines help imply that she's bouncing up and down on that cock inside her pussy!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-12 00:45:43
t164b glassesE2g
I love how wide her eyes open up as the enormous cock head leaves her mouth as though she can't believe she had been able to take something so large into it!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-11 23:05:14
Path of the Genie 23

(My favorite part of this panel!)
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-10 19:58:56
LC407 animGIF
Allison has a really nice ass! It's so arousing seeing how it bounces in rhythm to how her mistress is pounding her pussy with that long and thick dildo -- training her then-newly-transformed body how to react to being fucked by a real cock as is customary for one selected for sex-slave conditioning.
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-08 23:53:26
Link Page 02a
Check out Linkette getting an eyeful of cum shot straight to her face from two-three feet away while lying on her back!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-08 23:39:03
mirror1 1
Ooooo, the lacy pattern on the cups of her bra!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-08 15:19:39
sketch demoness carry
The lascivious look on the face of the demon girl seems to say "I can't wait to get my girl-cock in her pussy!!"!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-08 14:59:43
sketch bj cum
Is she standing upright or kneeling?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2021-01-03 15:04:57
tiefling 03b
Goatgirl getting dicked hard -- balls-deep in one forceful thrust!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-12-31 13:49:54
I doubt that Allison, in her pre-transformation self, ever expected to become so expertly skilled at playing the skin flute like she is now as seen in this sketch!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-12-24 00:54:10
Am I seeing things, or is this iteration of Allison sporting really long, down-to-her-butt, hair?!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-11-30 15:01:28
Bunny Waitress Cleavage Tip the lacy pattern on her hose!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-11-30 14:18:06
Man, Allison is taking one hell of a dicking in this sketch -- that pussy (or ass?) is getting seriously destroyed by his cock!! She's trying by all her might to keep her head up, but he's making her eat the pillow, imposing his indomitable will on her, she too weak by comparison to put up much of a resistance; so, she eventually surrenders and lets him have his way with her. Anyhow, she's beginning to enjoy the experience of being so savagely ravaged by the alpha male so expertly claiming her!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-11-10 18:37:28
Path of the Genie 20
...tag-teamed, eh?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-11-10 18:33:40
Path of the Genie 19
He shouldn't have drank that water
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-11-10 18:32:33
Path of the Genie 18
Something tells me that that's not ordinary water in that bottle she tossed to him...
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-11-10 16:45:43
Path of the Genie 20
...tag-teamed, eh?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-11-10 16:43:52
Path of the Genie 19
He shouldn't have drank that water!!

Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-11-10 16:41:59
Path of the Genie 18
Something tells me that that's not ordinary water in that bottle...
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-11-10 12:37:43
Path of the Genie 17 how she gulped down that massive load and got some extra on her tummy as well as a pearl necklace as a reward for being such a good girl!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-11-06 22:30:59
s3b 1 Redraw
Redheads are my kryptonite!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-10-17 22:47:23
fendemon201b 1
Is she trying to get her tongue on his balls 'cuz her master taunted her to lick them, and she wanted to prove to him that she was up to the challenge?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-10-17 11:50:03
Rough22c Anim9
What I love most about this Torrin-on-Allison animation is how her heaving breasts wobble and roll around on her chest and how her hair bounces up and down on her head in rhythm with his enormous cock thrusting deeply in and out of her and how her dainty hand held behind her head turns slightly at the mercy of the clamp-like grip of his hand on her wrist/forearm -- and, lastly, that far-away, half-lidded look in her eyes like she's on the verge of orgasmic ecstasy but not quite there yet!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-10-15 13:13:45
page slave 02
Did he just make her cum from breast-manipulation, alone?!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-10-14 12:19:55
Did she make some kind of wish congering her well-endowed master or fantasy lover before she exhaled and he materialized into corporeal form as a result?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-10-13 20:08:51
office evening 02
This Entry Level Position character is my second favorite character after Allison -- really hope we get to see more of her in future content you publish!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-10-04 11:45:19
Slave Girl Surrender 02
The slight curling of Allison's toes (showing that she's in the midst of surrendering to throes of ecstasy) is a nice subtle touch!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-10-04 11:41:29
Proper Sex Slave 13
Now, that's the face we wanna see from a cock-worshipping sex slave -- absolutely unbridled enthusiasm to perform her duty to demonstrate complete submission to her master's every desire and laser-focused intent to please him to the utmost of her ability!

Allison has come a long way from the ungrateful and indignant initiate we first met at the beginning of her journey!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-10-02 14:07:29
Moonlight Pin Up
I love the noir quality of this scene!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-10-02 14:05:28
It's like Torin took a quick break to visit the bathroom and returned to her with his alpha bull-sized cock still fully-erect and ready to resume destroying Allison's sopping-wet pussy with a copious mixture of both his and her cum drooling out of her still invitingly open lips and staining the sheets beneath her!!

He can't contain his demonic lust to utterly dominate her and claim her body as his in which to do with as however he well pleases, and she can't do anything to prevent him from doing so!!

If you ask me, even though she acts like she doesn't want it, I think deep-down she secretly loves being ravaged so savagely and mercilessly and discovering how orgasmic she can be when fucked so punishingly!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-09-11 12:45:01
Get In Line
...looks like our beloved Allison is in for a long night of Name That Demon Dick -- a very, very long night!!!

Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-07-02 00:31:21
Morale Sleep 01
Datum, that ayuss!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-07-01 21:18:27
I love how cross-eyed and breathless she looks here -- stunned that she was able to accommodate such a large and girthy cock in her small and narrow-lipped mouth!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-07-01 18:46:05
page force slave 15
Man, I love the way she so lovingly cups his balls and looks up at him so coyishly as she mouth-hugs the fat head of his cock and gets a substantial load of cum to swallow as reward for her efforts!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-05-26 15:13:54
slave girl arms up
This dress and pose is reminiscent of Princess Leia's in Return Of The Jedi!

May I be so bold as to ask if you'd make an Allison panel featuring her modeling Leia's bikini as Jabba's slave girl?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-05-26 13:44:51
weight 2
Is that Mistress or Melody talking to her out-of-frame?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-05-26 13:31:39
femDemon193 color
I love how it looks like she just endured an epic forced fellatio session with Torrin, and he just zipped-up and walked away, leaving her alone to try in vain to recover her wits and dignity!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-05-26 12:21:29
Dark Altar 20
Haha -- she thought her ordeal was mercifully over, but it's only just begun!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-05-24 15:54:37
Lighter Chains V4 27
My favorite part about this page is how Allison's toes are curled as she crosses her ankles at the small of her mistress' back in giddy anticipation of the fucking she's about to receive!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-05-24 14:16:45
Lighter Chains 23
My favorite part about this page is the ambiguity of the erotic visions flooding Allison's newly feminized mind of herself made to be submissive to whatever's being done to her sexually -- the ambiguity being whether her own imagination was conjuring these scenarios of their own accord out of existential dread and anxiety or if she's, perhaps, in the process of being remotely psychologically/psychically programmed and conditioned for the inevitability of her future roll in the beastiary.
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-05-16 17:48:49
Office 08
The best part of this panel is how her mouth is almost too small to accommodate the full girth of his cock, but he shoves its in between her narrow lips anyhow, forcing her to make room for the shaft that he'll soon be thrusting all the way past her tongue and down her throat!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-05-16 17:27:51
Office 15
@The Admin:I don't know why I didn't notice this detail during previous viewings of this series, but it looks like she still has some of his cum in her mouth left from their forced fellatio session drooling from her lips as she's climaxing with cross-eyed ecstasy in synchronicity with his ejaculating inside her pussy!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2020-01-01 23:47:28
Zoey 05
What a way to start-off a new year!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2019-12-31 21:10:02
femDemon200b small anim
...commenting again to ask if you have plans to make a full-color version of this animation?
Your Quiet Neighbor 2019-12-31 01:37:43
Full Nelson Color
The wetness of her pussy, and the action of his cumming inside her, are my favorite details which are on full-display in this all-color view of this scene -- well-done, Admin!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2019-12-25 23:46:01
Zoey 04
The fact that Zoey's ankles are crossed behind her mistress' ass indicates that she has come to enjoy, not merely accept, her present situation as sex-slave!!
Your Quiet Neighbor 2019-12-18 17:19:03
Zoey 03
The new girl's gonna get her virgin pussy girl-dicked, and she can't do anything to stop it!!