YourQuietNeighbor 2019-11-28 22:16:57
Lighter Chains V6 29
How cute it is that Allison thinks that she has any power to dictate the terms of her sexual-slavery -- Torrin should teach her a lesson as to the power-dynamics of their relationship and her role, thereof, so that there's no more confusion on her part going forward or any illusion that she has any say in the matter.
YourQuietNeighbor 2019-11-06 23:15:35
Lighter Chains V6 27
Critique for the artist:

I like the hairstyle you gave her, post-shower -- and the blue dress is a nice touch, too!!
YourQuietNeighbor 2018-11-24 21:51:35
Allison is by far my favorite character you've developed in your Satin Minions universe! This sketch (if it's just a stand alone image and not already part of an existingstory that you've completed and published) is one that's idea for a story concept I'd humbly like to suggest that you explore. Feel free to dismiss it, though.

Once Allison has advanced to a certain level in her development as a sex slave, she's "promoted" to being a scout/recruiter (or whatever term you come up with that sounds better). In this position, she'll be sent back to the "real" world that humans believe they control --her mission being to find new male prey to seduce (either as a street walking prostitute or internet escort girl or singles bar patron who plays the classic "new-girl-in-town" game in order to ensnare her marks or something more mundane like two grocery store customers meeting at-random in, say, the produce or meat/deli/seafood dept. or their hands meet when they both reach for the same carton of milk in the dairy case) and ultimately lure them back to her mistress's lair in Hell (or wherever it is they are) to become new coerced gender-swapped sex slaves. Maybe she has vaginal dentata that bite her mark's penises when they're having sex which render them unconscious -- only to come-to once they find themselves in Allison's mistress's presence where the whole gender-swap process repeats itself for these new unconventional recruits whom Allison brings to her mistress. We, of course, don't need to see the gender-swap process that these sex slave recruits experience as we've already seen Allison endure her transformation; so, we have a good visualization of how that transpires.

Maybe the point of this story isn't merely about the marks she recruits against their will but about her earning points from her mistress towards earning higher status in the demonic order. She's, ultimately, still a slave herself but one with higher status than when she first came under her mistress control.

So, does this idea interest you to the point where you think that it has promising potential to develop further in your opinion?
YourQuietNeighbor 2018-11-24 20:57:04
Body Swap Comic W2b
This character kinda looks like a grown-up version of Bobby Hill from King Of The Hill.
YourQuietNeighbor 2018-11-24 20:48:29
Link bad end alt
What do the hash marks signify? many times she's been fucked? many days she's been a dungeon slave?