Acolyte 03
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Sypheria 2016-02-24 02:12:15
"Acolyte-03", eh? Curious to see more of this one!
Cadoc 2016-02-25 05:05:11
Mhhmmmm.. yesss.
2016-05-09 20:33:29
Is she pregnant or is that just a bulge?
Arkyn 2016-05-14 18:15:32
Do you take requests by any chance? If so, how can I make them?
Admin 2016-05-17 12:28:29
Just post something, I guess. If it uses my existing characters, makes sense, and is fairly easy to do, I might give it a sketch.
Arkyn 2016-05-17 20:13:58
Well, I was kinda hoping you would do a more detailed sketch based on this animation. Orgasmic breast expansion.
Irrelevant 2018-11-18 06:36:53
I dont know if you ever considered it but a continuation of this would be really neat. I know you have a story up that might be similar to the concept of this one but its locked for free users. I would pay if I had the money but I am of the poor sadly.