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2020-04-15 03:14:06
Admin 2020-04-16 14:19:03
Fixed. (Ctrl+F5 to reload)
chair 2020-04-17 10:04:07
I know genies are well-trodden as an erotic fantasy trope, but the way you approach your stories and the thread of humour running through them really makes all the difference. 'Alright you horny moron' had me laughing out loud :D
a 2022-02-04 19:55:35

A form of aphasia in which the patient is unable to recall the names of everyday objects.

2022-02-07 23:55:23
Prefix A- = not, without
Root nom = name
Suffix -ia = pathological condition, also a feminine noun form making it sound somewhat like a name.

So it's really just a name that means "no name". The aphasia is a happy coincidence.