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I have some accounts on other sites if you want to follow me there too, but everything gets posted here first.

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When will new pictures be posted?
Check the schedule for queued up images and look for the countdown timer in the upper right. I highly recommend signing up for the mailing list or subscribing to the rss feed.

What is an RSS feed?
Really Simple Syndication is a standardized way for a website to list new content. It's very useful if you want to follow many different websites. You will need an RSS reader like
The Old Reader or Feedly.

Learn more about RSS on wikipedia.

What software do you use?
I use a combination of 3D Studio Max and Photoshop CS. I plan out the scene (or animation) in 3D studio, then take screenshots to use as a reference when drawing.

How long does it take to animate something?
Like a zillion hours. You have to draw at least 10 pictures for every second of animation plus you have to not fuck up, which is not easy because drawing is hard.

What's the most commented on image?
I'm glad you asked, because I made a page to display exactly that!.

Where's the rest of this story?
Sometimes there isn't a rest of the story. I often like to draw an out of context scene that leaves the rest of the story up to your imagination. Other times there is more to the story but I haven't fleshed it out entirely, haven't had the time to draw it, have lost interest, or I'm afraid it will be bad. If you see a story page that you like, let me know with a comment.

Do you take requests?
Uh.. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask, so just post a comment. If I like the idea I might draw something. No promises.

Actually some of the best one-off comic pages are from requests, so you never know. I like when there's a character reference and an idea, but enough leeway for me to make some creative decisions.

Can I share/reblog your images?
Sure, just make sure you: Can I color or caption your images?
Absolutely. Post a link and I'll add it to the Fan Art page.