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gnome_man 2018-04-03 00:15:111 ♡
Well, it's an interesting turn-around on things, since the norm is quite different.

Reading between the lines, she wants to be dominated by the demon and is going to keep giving it away to avoid him "losing control".

Interesting idea.
gnome_man 2018-04-03 00:16:521 ♡
She's quite the hottie.
CR 2018-04-13 15:52:510 ♡
broken picture reference for this and the other 5
Admin 2018-04-13 17:31:430 ♡
I can assure you that it is working. If you can't solve the problem on your end, the images are directly embedded in the patreon feed as well.
N 2018-04-15 15:15:250 ♡
She's by far my favorite one of your girls. Will there be a story about her?
Clover E 2018-04-28 02:23:230 ♡
I'm with N here. We know you've more than likely got your hands full with the current list of comics, but since there are 4 - 5 pages in this sequence already, will a comic for it be given thought?