Admin 2022-11-20 23:16:550 ♡
This was a stand alone character done on commission, so likely a fantasy persona.
Admin 2022-11-09 15:59:570 ♡
Admin 2022-11-02 18:01:582 ♡
She's a little upset and embarrassed about being a morale officer. It's all part of the process though, she'll come around eventually.
Admin 2022-10-31 15:24:521 ♡
There's some implied dialog between pages 7 and 8, he goes on a rant and we're only seeing the beginning and end of it.
Admin 2022-10-25 16:18:060 ♡
I've discovered that things can be greatly improved with inpainting and a little touchup in photoshop. I was able to fix her face and hand. If I can manage to find a new graphics card I'll be able to iterate a lot faster.
Admin 2022-09-27 23:32:531 ♡
Admin 2022-09-22 19:07:474 ♡
Can you guys believe this comic inspired the show "Severance" on AppleTV? I'm not saying it did, but can you believe it?
Admin 2022-09-22 11:57:311 ♡
I haven't planned to do any. Just trying to distinguish that this is from the show and not my own work.
Admin 2022-09-21 17:40:561 ♡
The top images are determined by Elo score from which thumbnails get clicked on in the engagement widget (the group of 6 random thumbnails that appear next to/under images). It's not strictly random, it's slightly more likely to show already highly ranked images and new images, although I tweaked it to not show too many locked images recently because I thought the frequent upsell might be annoying.

It's a pretty consistent measure of how appealing an image is. Covers don't show up because they're often not as stimulating as an action scene or as curiosity provoking as a thumbnail with tiny text. There's also the bottom 50 which shows a pretty clear bias for old uncolored sketches where not much is happening.
Admin 2022-09-12 20:43:002 ♡
Added. There's a few other random ones in there too.
Admin 2022-09-09 10:16:071 ♡
I made the cover just recently as part of the website rewrite and reorganization. It's scheduled to go public at the end of the month. Same with the POTG2 cover.
Admin 2022-09-09 10:14:343 ♡
I kept this as patron bonus content for quite a while because it was a random concept cover that wasn't attached to anything. I didn't want to indicate to the public that this was a new upcoming comic when it was not.

After the recent website rewrite, it is much easier to reorganize comics. So I used this as a cover for a collection of the other Wetware concept pieces.

It is scheduled to go public on October 17th.
Admin 2022-09-09 09:56:460 ♡
This is a click-through comic with many panels and animation effects. It's effectively a subchapter of the story.

The images directly after this are the static images for the first subchapter. Like a CG set for a h-game. I'm not entirely sure how to organize everything.
Admin 2022-09-01 02:13:213 ♡
Perhaps if you answer my other questions
Admin 2022-08-31 01:55:170 ♡
>Johnny "Jenny" Test
I'll give it a try.
Admin 2022-08-31 01:23:062 ♡
[Mistress tying the man's feet]
Man: Is this necessary?
Mistress: You play in my bed, you play by my rules.
Man: Uh.. fair enough I sup-oof
[Man is interrupted as Mistress pulls him back, tightening the ropes on his wrists]
Mistress: Now then, I *am* going to have to torture you for a bit.
Man: t.torture?
Mistress: Mmm, yes. If you have been possessed, it'll only come out when you're at your most primal level of consciousness. Oh don't worry, you'll like it...At least at first.
Admin 2022-08-30 02:10:280 ♡
There was a bug in the way some Patreon info was parsed, but it should be fixed now.
Admin 2022-08-29 22:55:330 ♡
Also, did you type that "+" in your username or did it show up on it's own? I had some trouble with encoding/decoding spaces but I'm not sure how there'd be one space and one plus.
Admin 2022-08-29 22:54:030 ♡
You don't appear to be logged in (your comment does not have a user id). In the upper right corner of the page, do you see "Login" or do you see your username? If you click that link do you see your profile or do you get a login prompt?

Also, your account does not have a patreon id. After logging in here, click the "Connect with Patreon" link from your profile. After signing in on and clicking "allow", it should redirect you back here and you should see your tier level listed in your profile. If you already did this, did it seem to work or were there any errors?
Admin 2022-08-29 22:00:391 ♡
Done. Also attached this image to the end of the comic.
Admin 2022-08-10 03:38:551 ♡
Volume 1 and 2 are packed fairly tightly together, it's a continuous series of events. You could slot this in somewhere after the end of Vol.2 and before page 19 of Vol.3 - that's when she decides she's being too easily swept up in things like this.
Admin 2022-07-17 01:05:100 ♡
I use an old Intuos 3 tablet, which is better than a lot of new tablets because of the button cluster. It has several buttons grouped together that can be differentiated by feel along with a scroll strip. The trend with newer tablets is to have a row of buttons down the side which is not as quick or easy to press.

I used Krita this image, and most of the recent images. It is free and open source. It's good for drawing but if I need to do a complex layout with masking, lots of text, or a super smooth gradient, I'll go back to Photoshop CS 9. CS9 is old but it does not require a subscription or internet activation.

For a few of the really smooth vector animations, I used a program that I wrote myself.
Admin 2022-07-14 21:15:430 ♡
She's a genie who appears in the next "Path of the Genie" segment.
Admin 2022-07-12 18:28:221 ♡
The hair changes a bit when the face shift happen because male and female skulls have different shapes. Female typical hairlines are also more rounded than male typical hairlines. I fudged it a bit to look cute during the rest of the animation.

The hair becomes long later because that's what the potion does. I'm not sure why some people get hung up on hair growth as unrealistic when *bones* were changing size moments earlier.

The clothing is actually crucial to showing the changing contours and size of the body. It also flaps around to show motion.
Admin 2022-07-09 01:53:500 ♡
Some possibilities:
- Waiting for round 2
- Bound partner has misbehaved
- Threesome/Tag team
Admin 2022-07-09 01:30:270 ♡
Admin 2022-06-16 00:13:300 ♡
It was mainly an aesthetic choice here. There definitely is a servant hierarchy but it's not so strict. The three of them are basically on the same level with their chunky collars and menial duties.

The two maids act superior to Alison because she is shorter, younger and newer. They're a little taken aback at her ability to "climb the ranks" so quickly, but they take it in stride.
Admin 2022-06-16 00:02:100 ♡
Just playing around with the character a bit. Her familiar transforming back and forth is one idea.

Another idea is that since the bespectacled summoner has a talent for manifesting humanoid demons, she ends up serving as an ambassador of sorts.
Admin 2022-06-02 21:31:001 ♡
It's more like where we find out that Alison has a hidden obedience mode.
Admin 2022-05-28 04:46:210 ♡
Of course. Every effort is made to assign the crew to duties that bring out their natural talents.
Admin 2022-05-25 13:09:220 ♡
You're thinking of this:

Which was another patron request. They are different characters, though thematically similar.
Admin 2022-05-20 22:16:381 ♡
One idea was to have her memory erased so we can have the fun of seeing her broken without spoiling the slow turn of the main story.
Admin 2022-05-09 18:29:390 ♡
You can't just say it's "problematic". Describe the problem you are having. I added an MP4 version.
Admin 2022-04-08 00:16:560 ♡
Voting is over, the results are here:

Feel free to post your favorites in the comments or ask questions though.
Admin 2022-03-06 15:06:050 ♡
They will be released according to the schedule
Admin 2022-02-24 18:45:400 ♡
Alison is quite small, 5'1" on a good day, and quite thin except for a few key areas. I'd guess around a US size 0 to 2. She'd probably have trouble shopping off the rack for anything form-fitting due to her rather fantastic proportions.
Admin 2022-02-20 00:13:270 ♡
When someone has magical transformation powers, their appearance isn't the best way to identify them. Obviously, the best way is to look at their hat.
Admin 2022-02-17 17:53:391 ♡
Sure. You could also interpret this as he knows and is teasing her about it.
Admin 2022-01-26 17:10:590 ♡
What do you mean by "nothing". I tested it on browser stack and it worked so I'm not sure what else to do.
Admin 2022-01-26 11:28:250 ♡
I fixed a sound and clipping issue, so it should play now. Fullscreen might not work.
Admin 2022-01-25 15:57:550 ♡
Should be working on iPhone now.
Admin 2022-01-24 21:45:550 ♡
Are there any unchecked boxes? Which one?
Admin 2022-01-23 06:25:051 ♡
Q: What collars do you plan on putting on the Demonic Twins Melody takes on as her first Dominatrix assignment? I still think she's biting off more than she can chew frankly. (Which might be beneficial to some hilarity later on.) But even one as "over?" confident as Melody will want some anti-strength or magic-hindering enchantment to keep the twins from overpowering her. She's clearly mostly human after all. And the twins are succubus's who've probably got internalized magic behind them. A dangerous proposition without countermeasures.

A: Given the twins' minor shape shifting ability and demonic sex drive, any sort of lust enhancement would be counter-productive in terms of controlling them. Melody will probably elect to use a particular mix of pain and dissociation known as a command collar. When the subject is given an order in a particular commanding tone, the collar activates. If the subject does not comply they will begin to feel uncomfortable. Anxiety and guilt rise and the master's command weighs down as the most important thing in the subject's mind, like a long neglected responsibility. If they continue to resist, a mild hypnotic dissociation begins to take hold. If they continue to resust, the subject may soon find that they have carried out their mistress's orders without realizing it.

Of course this is just a insurance measure. And it's a fine line between getting what you want out of a sub and violating trust. Part of being a mistress making your sub realize they want to obey, and to make them play your games rather than fight the referee.
Admin 2022-01-23 06:24:171 ♡
Q: Curious, is the anti-pregnancy enchantment the only one on Alison? I'm sure the cuffs she used to wear where a form of restraint early on. But I'd imagine they'd want a way to reel her in if necessary. Then again, she is physically weak. So outside of leveraging her purpose or some slick trickery, she's not going to get out of a fortress full of demonic soldiers. (And frankly, she's just is not clever enough to pull off such deception. Stupid? no. But not brilliant either.)

A: Alison doesn't really need to be broken, she just needs a small amount of force applied - enough for her to use as an excuse to herself. Just a little push and she'll fall right where she needs to be, and that push is best applied the old fashioned way. Anything more would be at best a waste and at worst might upset her natural proclivities.
Admin 2022-01-23 06:19:350 ♡
I've updated the image description with the info I originally posted on patreon and I'm going to repost some comments I made here for preservation.
Admin 2022-01-23 06:16:031 ♡
One possibility is physical compliance where the subject's body obeys but they retain control of their mind and are free to voice their objections.

You could also add in possession or "switchboard" type effects where sensations, motivations, and actions are piped around from various sources. Something like the sensation mirroring in Wetware, for example. Or the lust amplification in the presence of a particular demon, as seen in Dark Altar. A subject could dissociate while a spirit is summoned into her, either from within the collar or an external source. Varying degrees of "co-piloting" could occur.
Admin 2021-12-16 01:31:060 ♡
This is a revisit of this very old image:

She's missing a sock because she was dressing or undressing when she was pulled through the portal.
Admin 2021-11-25 22:51:010 ♡
This is an unfinished version of this picture: where a girl or gynoid wakes up from a fluid filled stasis tank. This is from at least 2008, possibly earlier.
Admin 2021-11-09 08:53:130 ♡
Admin 2021-10-29 10:11:270 ♡
They're not really related beyond being in VR. I don't see the two characters being in the same time period.