daredevil r63
ColorCumGender SwapPin-Up

AriaJ 2013-09-16 21:14:48
Okay Sexy
Hamazaki 2013-09-17 12:05:14
I love it, but whats the story behind it? =o

The whole thing is leaving me very curious.
Admin 2013-09-17 18:02:05
>whats the story behind it?

No story, it was just a random request - rule 63 daredevil (marvel comics) post bj.
Alfonz 2013-09-29 04:09:48
Moar superheroes in bondagewear!
DIngleberry BLonde 2019-12-31 21:26:25
I second Alfonz' comment -- make it happen in 2020!!
Admin 2019-12-31 21:58:07
Any particular ones in mind?
Dingleberry Blonde 2021-01-03 22:24:44
Not a superhero, per se, but howbout a a force-femmed Neo from the Matrix series?