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horably arroused 2014-09-19 05:20:59
o....m....g. THANK YOU SO MUCH
Sarah 2014-10-10 20:38:58
makes me think of a story about a daughter coming home from college unexpectedly. She was surprised to find her parents throwing a sex party and she was afraid to tell them that she was bi. She found her mother with her back to her bent over the bed servicing a man and decided to show her mother what she learned at college so far.
J-Bone 2014-10-11 01:17:18
I want to be a girl so bad.
Anonymous 2014-10-17 02:16:13
J-Bone me too.
deena 2014-11-01 23:22:16
So envious I think the serving one feels, because she doesn't share any pleasure with the other girl.
Anon 2015-03-09 01:41:03
I'm with I one and anonymous
Anon 2015-03-09 01:41:35
J bone not I one
Ice 2015-06-02 07:38:46
I want to be GoGo Tomago
2016-03-12 08:07:01
- !!!!
DaMoon 2019-05-17 02:41:36
Hmm, the original sketch made it look like futa

Was it originally made to be a dildo, or is that a condom?