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Mango 2021-01-15 01:41:400 ♡
Just wanted to say great job on the continuity of the time travel. The dialogue, the pants being ripped, etc. This comic has some of your best work yet :)
Zhe Grammar Nazi 2021-02-01 21:58:130 ♡
Typo, it should be 'I am tying' not 'I'm am tying'.
Admin 2021-02-01 22:36:580 ♡
2021-02-15 18:38:100 ♡
So its obvious hes turned into the girl he just had sex with. Based off of what one of the genies said about remembering, does that mean that he will eventually become the genie?
Cadoc 2021-02-16 05:18:310 ♡
For 'I am tying' should it be trying, or going for a sort of pun?

And yes can't wait for the next parts of the time loop with the body changes and beautification. Not to sure about the mental changes but we will see how that goes.
Admin 2021-02-16 05:57:050 ♡
"Tying" is in fact the present participle of "tie".
n 2021-02-18 12:10:530 ♡
I have a theory that there's gonna be some level of possession involved, because on page 13, the girl our protagonist is about to become has brown eyes, like the genie. But, originally he had light colored eyes.
2021-02-18 13:51:570 ♡
I disagree. I think the brunette and blonde are two different dudes who both had the exact same series of wishes. The genies are making them fuck each other in a loop.
2021-02-19 08:45:500 ♡
Typo "Well you you should have thought of it already" There's an extra "you"