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Jade 2021-05-25 17:28:060 ♡
Ooh I sure hope this gets continued
Rhinn 2021-05-25 18:05:450 ♡
Really great Work as always. Always interested to see what you do next.
justlea 2021-05-25 18:35:070 ♡
That was fantastic, poor girl taken who knows where
Mango 2021-05-25 19:02:010 ♡
Wow! This is your longest comic to date by far! I loved it the whole way through, especially how charismatic and funny Anomia was. Consider this my plea for more genie wish shenanigans!
MadGreenSon 2021-05-26 20:03:140 ♡
To be honest, if the genie boss is this dumb, then it's likely that he/she will be able to fool them again later
RedGirl 2021-05-27 02:08:250 ♡
I'm sure this is just the beginning for her and her new life as a genie. Would love to see more cyclical, forceful indoctrination story telling! <3
ThePorg 2021-10-18 17:25:220 ♡
I would love to see her get revenge on the genie, relishing her powers, doing it right. *rubs hands together gleefully*
Dingleberry Blonde 2021-10-18 18:39:030 ♡
Oh, awesome, this is gonna be a new series and not a one-off project -- can't wait for the next issue!!!
Slaanyash 2021-10-18 21:11:200 ♡
Finally! Great work!
Waiting for the sequel!
me 2021-10-18 23:09:340 ♡
Hopefully she gets fully used by the genie boss too
Cadoc 2021-10-19 07:19:170 ♡
You know... I've had this suspicion for a while now. I think our new girl is on the start of this loop by becoming the genie that will eventually turn her into a girl, leave her utterly fucked (figuratively, literally AND metaphorically) before throwing herself to her genie boss to save herself from the punishment that she has forgotten from ages past she gave herself...

Hard to tell with the art style but the look close enough to be likely twins, yes?

A theory of mine anyways.
2022-02-18 23:32:550 ♡
But the wisher is now shorter than the genie.
Admin 2022-02-20 00:13:271 ♡
When someone has magical transformation powers, their appearance isn't the best way to identify them. Obviously, the best way is to look at their hat.
blackpaw 2023-08-26 21:18:280 ♡
So King Genie was fooled by the silly hat?

I'm getting the impression that genies in general are not terribly bright :)