Alien 02
High Res

2020-10-06 03:20:47
Soft Porn Cthulhu!
BMO 2020-10-09 21:45:07
She keeps telling herself that it's only a simulation, the pleasure she's experiencing isn't real... right? As the admin ups the intensity, he notes her resistance against cthulhu.exe relaxes, and the program installs effortlessly.
2020-10-18 16:50:55
She snapped back to reality and the experience faded like a strange dream. "What could have been so important that it needed to be installed *like that*", she wondered "especially when I've got so many personal appointments today." It didn't seem possible to give them all the time they deserved. "Unless I take two or three at a time, hah" she chuckled to herself. Although the idea did seem... oddly appealing.
BMO 2020-10-20 07:10:56
This idea does seem oddly appealing... please make this canon Sempai! \^o^/
2020-11-12 04:57:53
Oh, now I see where this is going. ;D
Dingleberry Blonde 2020-11-12 12:46:38
Tentacle porn with a sexbot cyborg -- two kinks for one!!